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CRM Setup & ConfigurationProject Management CRM Setup & Configuration

If your business requires you to manage a multitude of projects, then you might find this module to be of immense use. Keeping track of all your projects especially if they’re managed by your team, can make the difference between success or failure.

Project Management CRM Setup And Configuration
Free TrialFREE
* UsersUnlimited
* Modules IncludedView Modules Included
* Server space (Shared hosting)1GB Storage
* Date BackupsAuto daily backups
* TrainingBasic how to training for up to 3 people

Project Management CRM Once-off Configuration Fee

Get your CRM configured for a once-off fee. This will get you up and running quickly, hassle free.

No. of Hours 0hrs 5hrs10hrs15hrs
Once-off Configuration FeeP 349.00P 549.00P 749.00 P 949.00

Project Management CRM Monthly Subscriptions

Choose a package that suits your needs and don’t forget we can customise your CRM too.
The monthly subscription fee includes: remote support, CRM hosting and daily backups

BasicProPro PlusPower User
No. of UsersUp to 10 UsersUp to 20 UsersUp to 30 UsersUp to 40 Users
MONTHLY REMOTE SUPPORT HOURS 5hrs 5hrs 10hrs 15hrs
Monthly CRM Subscriptions (BWP)P 349.00P 549.00P 749.00 P 949.00
Pay Quarterly and Save 10%P 942.30P 1,482.30P 2,022.00 P 2,562.00
You SaveP 104.70P 164.70P 224.70 P 284.70

Prices for up to 5 users available on request. Email: [email protected]

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