Sales Force

Sales force automation, often abbreviated to SFA, is a technique of using software to automate the business processes and tasks that relate to sales activities. These activities or tasks may include sales order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking through purchase orders, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance monitoring and evaluation.


The goal of any project manager is to maintain control over the project lifecycle by ensuring all project tasks are completed on time and milestones reached. With this CRM Project Management Module, a project manager can do just that: Plan, Collaborate and Deliver

Customer Support

Managing and supporting customer problems or simply keeping track of support requests is often a challenge for most businesses. The Customer Support Centre offers a dynamic tool that will alleviate your worries when it comes to keeping on top of problem resolution. Your customers will be able to email their problems or log their support ticket through a Customer Portal. Auto email notifications will always keep the necessary parties informed at all times improving the overall customer experience.


A workflow management system (WfMS) provides an infrastructure for the set-up, performance and monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks, arranged as a workflow. Workflows are critical to the success of any business. Why not streamline your business by automating operations like sending emails, creating activities, updating fields, creating tasks etc? By automating business processes all tasks are performed automatically based on specific business logic.
Better Allocate Your Sales Resources
Enable Collaboration
Make it Easy to Share Sales Materials and Other Documents
Keep Track of Important Contacts
Share Information Across Your Sales Team
Keep Your Sales Manager in the Know
Use for Partner Selling
Keep Up With Notifications and Reminders
Keep Track of Your Sales Process
Simplify Reporting Requirements
Create "Web to Lead" Systems
Let Members of Your Team Know Where They Stand

What is a CRM?CRM is all about Basic Business Process Automation

Weblogic CRM is a salesforce automation tool based on the acclaimed vTiger CRM open source engine. This salesforce CRM tool boasts a whole host of features that will help your business automate your business processes right from salesforce automation, marketing automation, production, support, and project management. Gone are the days where the perception of having to be a big business to afford systems like this was the norm. Now any business in South Africa can afford the tools that have given big business the edge for years. Request a Free Trial Now πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Business doesn't stop evolving, why should you ?

Ever wondered how you can manage all facets of your business on the move? Well, with our salesforce CRM product you can setup workflow notifications so while your team is busy working, you can receive important notices on activities that are critical to you.

How can the CRM benefit my business ?

With a CRM system, your organization will be able to improve productivity, reach out to more prospects and close more sales. CRM can help you:

  • Raise customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer retention
  • Reduce marketing expenses
  • Anticipate customer needs and preferences
  • Increase operating efficiencies
  • Improve targeted marketing efforts of customers and prospects
  • Provide quicker service to customers.

Hassle free reporting

Most of us dread the day of the week where our time is spent on tedious administration. We know it’s important but the task is often laborious and cumbersome. With our CRM, you can be rest assured that the report you want can be sent to your email inbox, hassle free. Never again will you have to waste time preparing reports. Why not spend that time more productively with your customer?

Hassel Free Reporting

Truly Awesome CRMOur guarantee to you

Freedom from the office; every business owners dream
99% up time and access to your ubiquitous CRM tool while you're on the go
Control and oversight on common business activities and team activity
Auto notifications for keeping you in the loop for those important milestones

What our
Customers say?

I can't imagine going back to the way things were!
The Weblogic CRM has transformed the way I operate my business. I can't imagine going back to the way things were.

Zareena Manjara, CEO, Securiguard, Durban South Africa

The features are the best!
Implementing the CRM has given us a holistic view of our Organisation and its ongoing activities, whether it be Sales, Support or accounting functions. We had never before documented our business process like this and it actually helped us improve our procedures before even launching the system. I recommend Weblogic CRM to any business that needs to be able to track & be notified of key activities within the business at any time and ensure staff do not skip anything.

Riaz Khonat, Managing Director, Ctrack Botswana

Now I'm in the loop with how my sales team is performing!
The Weblogic CRM has introduced a level of accountability that was missing in the way our sales team was managed. Now I'm in the loop with how my sales team is performing.

Yunus Mussa, Managing Director of PPCB Group, Botswana


Compare our CRM with Others
Weblogic CRM, giving everything you need and saving you money.

How is this CRM different from others?
Firstly, there is a significant pricing difference between the CRM we are offering compared to the popular ones out there like Zoho,, Evolution and others. You can compare the prices below and judge for your self. When you compare value with price, you will quickly conclude that using our CRM is a low cost investment that is worth the risk!

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Secondly, and perhaps the most significant difference is in the way we sell our CRM. We don’t just charge upfront for each user and give you a whole bunch of video tutorials on how to customize your CRM; we actually listen to your needs and customize it for you. By doing this, we find that our customers can benefit from the CRM a lot faster than if they were to initially define their own workflow, and then learn a new software. Once they have successfully done this, the next job is to map the two together! Most business owners simply do not have enough time to do all this themselves!

Thirdly, your subscription covers continued support, so that we can help you make proactive improvements to your workflow processes on a continued basis.

Fourthly, we aspire to take our clients on a digital journey from back-office automation, conducting online transactions with eCommerce, in-bound marketing automation to ultimately achieving business intelligence, by making sense of all the data that they have accumulated over time. But first, it all starts with CRM.

Features SupportWeblogical CRM Ultimate ComboSage CRM ProfessionalAct Premium CloudZoho Professional
Price/User/MonthP 99 user/monthP 407 user/monthP 350 user/monthP 610 user/month
Setup feeP 1,750 Once-off
Customization fee
Remote Support (Phone, Email)In bundle remote support hours varies per packageCharges Varies per PartnerP 508 /User/MonthP 122 /User/Month
Total Price Per Month for 20 Users, 25 hours of remote supportP 1,999 Per Month incl 25 hours of remote supportP 4,070 Per Month plus Support ChargesP 8,630 Per Month incl. SupportP 7,320 Per Month incl. Support
Total Price Per Month for 30+ Users, 35 hours of remote supportP 2,950 Per Month incl 35 hours of remote supportP 8,140 Per Month plus Support ChargesP 17,260 Per Month incl. SupportP 14,640 Per Month incl. Support
CRM DashboardπŸ‘‡
Sales Force AutomationCustomer SupportProject Management
Lead managementSupport ticketingCreate projects
Quote preparationSupport trackingAllocate tasks
Generate Pro forma InvoiceSupport reportingTrack task completion
Contact ManagementSupport resolutionCreate tasks
Scheduled ReportingSupport notificationsProject reporting
Workflow notifications Project notifications
Generate Sales Orders
Account Management
Activity Management
Campaign Management
Inventory Management
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